25 Life Hacks Every Car Owner Needs To Know ASAP

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Car ownership literally comes with a manual. But let’s be real, no one ever opens the 500-page book that comes with their car until things become desperate. To help between now and the next time you open the glove box to search for some answers, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down a few well-known life hacks that can, hopefully, make your adventures in car ownership a bit more seamless. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Do you remember the last time you wished you knew an easier way to get something done? Cars require a lot of maintenance and money, so keeping up with these needy machines can get pretty expensive and time-consuming. If you happen to know some things about cars, it may be easy for you to find shortcuts around hard-to-remove substances or bad odors, but the rest of the car-owning population may need a little insight on a few things that can make life a little easier. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Don’t cough up a ton of money to have something professionally done or purchase unnecessary products that, quite frankly, never seem to get the job done completely. The car industry is a dirty place and if you don’t know how to resolve issues on your own, you’re vulnerable to purchasing products that will never work or that were never needed. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of technicians out there more than willing to deceive the naïve owner.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled. Do some research and explore your car when you need something done. Hopefully, a few of these tips can help you along the way. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


Nail polish may not seem a bit unorthodox, but it can serve a lot of purposes as far as cars go. For one thing, if you ever get a little ding in your windshield from the occasional rock or other debris that nail it just right, then you can apply a bit of nail polish to the cracks and they will disappear. Obviously, if they’re bad enough the nail polish isn’t going to help conceal the cracks, but it may help prevent them from spreading, at least! In addition to that nifty use, clear nail polish can also fix superficial scratches on the paint. If you have small scratches on your car, then filling it with the clear coat will cause the scratch to vanish.

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