25 Life Hacks Every Car Owner Needs To Know ASAP

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Weirdly enough, stockings hold a wealth of purposes that we never knew were even possible. So, it may be a good idea (whether you wear them or not) to invest in a few pairs of these in case of an emergency. Stuff them in your glovebox for a rainy day (literally) because they can also be used for engine pulleys if your timing belt ever goes bad while you’re on the go. Obviously, this isn’t going to apply to each and every single person’s vehicle. Although, if it does the stocking may just be enough to get you down the road to an auto repair shop or to your house to complete the repairs on your own.


Have you ever spent a long day in an amusement park, mall, or pretty much any other place that has a giant parking lot for you to lose your vehicle in? You never realize how many look-alikes are out there until you have to sweep the aisles of a parking lot for your own car. In this case, setting off the alarm is pretty helpful, but if you’re out of your key fob’s range then that idea is essentially useless. However, if you ever find yourself without a clue, you can extend the range of your key fob by resting it against your chin while clicking the button. Supposedly, the human body is full of extra abilities that we just don’t use and extending the range of your key fob is apparently one of them. If you’re in a bind, it’s worth a shot!

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