SOLVED – Error import net.proteanit.sql.DbUtils package in Netbeans

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 Error import net.proteanit.sql.DbUtils package in Netbeans

When you create an application that uses mysql database you will usually get a problem like the one that will be discussed this time.

In this discussion we will discuss how to resolve errors in import net.proteanit.sql.DbUtils package in netbeans. This error is usually found by developers who import packages in making a Java GUI based application like the following.

how to solve the problem as above is quite easy, the cause of an error like that appears because the package that we import is not yet available in our netbeans application. We only need to add a .jar-shaped file to our netbeans application library. the way is as below.

download a file named rs2xml.jar which is a package

  1. Please Downoad the application using the following link. Click here.
  2. After you download, open your netbeans project
  3. Then right-click on the libraries folder -> Add JAR / FOLDER
  4. Then navigate to the file we downloaded earlier.
  5. Finished.

After all the steps above, you can import the package net.proteanit.sql.DbUtils and happy coding 🙂

so for this tutorial, hopefully it’s useful. Don’t forget to share this article to be useful for others. thanks.

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